Il futuro ha un cuore antico

Second travel book by Carlo Levi, published in 1956. This time it is the journalistic account of the trip made between 17 October and 19 November 1955 in the Soviet capital, Leningrad, Kiev, Armenia and Georgia.
“Just as the inhabitants of New England have preserved the puritan ways of their homeland, or as the Canadians have preserved the french language of the 1700s, the Soviets have remained the guardians of the feelings and customs of Europe, when Europe was united, believed in a few ideal truths and had confidence in his own existence”. This is what Carlo Levi tells us in his book, a narration full of details, of descriptions of a world that is both outdated and young. The author refers to a poetic, childish image and lets himself be carried away by the description of the places and souls he meets.